Friday, June 15, 2012

fff vol 19

This week has flown by (I'm not complaining!) Have you ever had so many things to do, you get this insane overwhelming feeling and just can't even move so you don't end up doing anything?! That's how I feel this week has been. I think it's a mix of overwhelmed by the amount of things I want to get accomplished and then mix in a little bit of frustration that there are things I am thinking in my head but are not coming out the way I want them to. Practice and patience, I know!

So anyway, this weekend is father's day! I love my dad, he's the coolest. He has just the right mix of sarcasm  and wit. He also can make and do anything. He's amazing. Saying all this, he is also impossible to get gifts for. He is always doing things for everyone else and never wants anything for himself. I wanted to make him something (but that was one of the "things in my head that didn't come out as well as I wanted") so I'm at a loss. My mom is always super dad..not so much! Is anyone going to be hanging out with your dads on Sunday? If so, are you getting them anything or doing anything for them? I need suggestions on what to do for the impossible person to shop for!

So moving into favorite finds. I think I may change it up a little this week (and maybe weeks in the future). I am a tee-shirt and pants type of girl. No joke, I have well over 100 tee shirts and everyone is always commenting on them and asking me where I get them. "You always have the coolest shirts" gets said to me on a daily basis when I go into the office. So..I thought I'd share five tee shirts that I would currently like to add to my ever expanding collection. This week I'll keep it simple and tell you they are all from Threadless. Now, if you don't know what Threadless is, my question to you is "Is today your first day on the internet?"
But well.. For those that are new to the internets?! Threadless is an awesome website in which you submit in artwork, people (ie YOU) vote and if you have enough votes, your tee shirt goes into production. top 5 tee-shirts I want this week!

"Lemon Aid"


"Bareback" (this one is awesome because the picture wraps around from the front to the back of the shirt

"Koohii no hito"

"Steampunk 1852"

So head on over to Threadless and see what you've been missing. I wonder how many of my shirts are threadless, I'm thinking well over 40-50? Yes, I have a tee shirt obsession haha

Have a good weekend everyone!