Friday, June 22, 2012

fff vol 20

My top five tee-shirts for this week come from Gama-Go. The mister and I have many of our tee-shirts from Gama-Go. I love them for so many different reasons. One top reason is that the shirts are so, so soft and really comfortable. Plus it's always awesome to have something that is limited edition. I love that I don't see other people locally wearing the shirts I have, it gives me the satisfaction of feeling unique and that this shirt is JUST mine (hahah I know they aren't but when you live in a small community I know that I won't see anyone wearing the same thing and thats a cool feeling, especially when people are envious of my collection! hahah)

Tall drink of water

Racoon Cap

Bird Cat

Heroic Heron

Paper Blossoms

Peacock Tree
(okay, yes I picked 6, but thats because I couldn't narrow it down!)

If you have never stopped over to GAMA-GO, check them out. They have lots of fun stuff (they are also the only company I buy my wallets from).

Hope everyone has a great weekend, I have another amazing shop to profile on Sunday so please make sure to come back and check it out. Any good plans for the weekend?