Wednesday, June 20, 2012

gw vol 10

This weekend I worked on the back yard a little bit. How to describe the back of my house...

Ok, so the kitchen is in the back of the house and there was a door that led you down to either the basement or through another door out to what we lovingly called "the stinky room". "The stinky room" was this extra room, with a platform, leading down to a dirt floor and then taking you outside. So in order to get into our backyard, we always had to go through that area. It was basically a lot of wasted space because of the way it was laid out.

Last year, K decided he was going to convert "stinky room" into his motorcycle workshop, and block off the door going into it so that it would only be accessible from outside. Because of him taking over the "stinky room", we needed a new way to get out to the backyard. We were able to find a really fun Dutch door at an antique shop and he took out one of the windows on the back wall, cut a hole in the wall and installed the door. The foundation of our house sits up quite high so we had to buy dirt and make a big dirt mound and built in stone steps (all the stones were actually found buried, yes buried, in our yard!)

Moving on! So the dirt pile was starting to just breed lots of weeds. It was getting to be quite a mess. So this weekend..I started operation clean up. 

Here are the steps following lots of weed picking - i did not pull the ones on the right side of the picture because that side scares me! Right now it drops off to go down into the basement. My luck if I went over there I would have fallen in. So anyway..steps without weeds..and including an Ella butt.

The little ground cover you see all over the left side of the picture I had gotten to fill in for the steps, then realized it would look dumb and get completely wrecked with the dogs running up and down the stairs. So I moved it over and went out to my side garden (that has been completely taken apart) and stole a bunch of flowering, creeping thyme. I love this stuff..hopefully it takes.

Next we had bought three hostas, seriously two years ago and never planted them. They were still alive and definitely ready to be planted! I lined the steps with those and then mister reminded me there were a bunch that were growing in our front yard behind our lilac bushes. I went up there- and to my surprise found a lot!

I also had bought a few cool succulents and planted those as well..

Polly decided she didn't like the watering can and flipped it off the stairs. Can you believe how many hostas I had and didn't even know about!? I just need to get some mulch and this weekend I'm also getting some flowers from my parent's house. She doesn't know what they are, but I saw them when I was there Sunday. They are taking over a spot she doesn't want them to be and told me to have at them. So I thought they would look really neat in between all the hostas because I don't care if they take over the entire mound. I'll take pictures of them this weekend after getting them maybe someone can identify them for me.

So it's slowly getting there. It will look tons better once I get the flowers and mulch combined in. Our front yard is COMPLETELY crazy right now. I promise to take pictures and updates of the new stuff that is currently open and will go back and update you out front next weekend. I need to get back out there and get building my potato boxes. I just can't really move anything else right now because its just too hot and don't want anything to die on me. So my progress has been a little halted for the time being. 

Happy mid week everyone!