Saturday, April 07, 2012

CoCaLo Baby blanket

I have been commissioned by a friend of mine to create a baby blanket to match a nursery.

I'm excited for the mini challenge, these are the only pictures I have to work off of - we all know that colors online can be quite a bit different than in person. Unfortunately the set is not sold in stores so I can't secretively go in with a stash of yarn to match it up perfectly. But I have a pretty good idea of the colors I'm going to use.  Light orchid, dark orchid, coco brown, soft white and just a small touch of mustard yellow. 

I'll probably start on it next week. I'm currently finishing up a blanket that was for a barter, and I still have my large blanket I'm working on as well. I haven't touched that in a couple weeks now...

This morning I need to create a list of all my projects I have to complete. I made a small one on my dry erase board for the fridge with the "house goals" to be completed by June 15. I love making lists, but I even more like crossing things off them.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Easter weekend. The sun is out today and semi warm, so that means major finishing and cleaning to the front gardens/ side garden. I will do before and after shots and post them later tonight. The side garden is a MESS! I looked out the window at it and wanted to cry.

Alright - off to the post office, then to my parents house to pick up a chainsaw on a stick. How is that even safe?!