Thursday, April 19, 2012

studio work

As well as crocheting this week I've also been playing in my new studio. It's really exciting to see what you can make with just a rod of glass. How smooth it is and the way it transforms like molding honey. 

I'm really trying to work on the closures. This one came out terrible. I know exactly how I want them to look, but I can't figure out how they are done. But I'll get there, don't worry!

The second is something I was screwing around with. I saw a video on youtube of how to make a mushroom pendant. While I would never wear one, the concept and trick  of how to make them is really cool, so I attempted it. Well.. it's wasn't a full on success, but it wasn't an utter failure either.

I ended up with a half of a head of a mushroom. Not too bad for my first try. It was so cool sticking the glass inside the clear glass. I didn't finish off the pendant or shape it, I just was trying to trick of making the mushroom, so the actual shape of it is kinda wonky. 

Again, I can not explain how much I love working with glass. I think it's my "calling" While it's really challenging (they make it look so simple if you watch videos or take a class) There is a lot of skill behind it, I just can't wait to get the basics down and move on to the even more challenging stuff.