Tuesday, April 10, 2012

new colorway..

I've been busy over here, between trying to clean up my gardens (posts will be coming on Wednesdays for the updates and progress of my gardens and beautiful garden inspirations..so check back!) to crocheting up a storm. I am still working on this blanket but sadly it only has two more rows than it did a few weeks ago! That's because I'm working on three new blankets.

The first one is a gorgeous blanket I just finished for Chantilly. She told me one that she liked and I sort of took it upon myself to switch it up a bit (hope she doesn't mind!) I began working on it and then went back and forth if I was going to go with silver grey or with tan (like in the other blanket I have in my shop, here ) I went with silver and then after thought it was a big mistake. I set it aside for a few days (gotta love carpal tunnel) and when I came back to it and continued on with the pattern I was creating, I fell in love. I actually think it is my favorite one so far.

Now that it's complete. I think I definitely did the right thing of leaving the silver instead of taking it all out and putting in the tan. I also love the edging. I think that adding a solid edging really adds to the blanket. In a few of the blankets I have made I only did one row of sc to bind it off. This one there are 4 rows. I don't know. I think it just really adds to the blanket. 

If you crochet, how do you usually finish them off? I'm not a fan of fancy and frilly edgings. I tend to be more minimalist when it comes to pretty much everything design wise. But I have to say, four rows of sc I think will be my new "signature".

I now have two more blankets I need to work on. One needs to be completed by mid May (I think!) and that is for a friend that has commissioned me to make a blanket. That one is the one I was talking about here. I am really excited to start work on it and have it planned out and was actually going to start on it tonight. But then I realized I need to make one for someone I work with, and that one needs to be done before the one I'm getting $$ for. His wife is due in a couple weeks and had I been thinking I would have had it done by now. But April just seemed to sneak up on me. I thought I had more time! I don't really have mush to go off of for his. I was told today the nursery is browns, greens and pinks with birds and trees. So well - this is pretty wide open seeing their are a trillion shades of each of those colors. I'll just have to pick something and hope that they like it. I'm thinking keeping it more in the neutral family with a couple rows of pink - maybe a row of mint. We'll see.

Hope everyone is having a great week. I need to get out in the gardens for a little bit, then start crocheting. I'm so excited to share with you all my garden progress!