Monday, April 16, 2012


Day 1 of vacation and I'm sick. I have completely lost my voice, I have a sore throat, headache and feel like I'm going to vomit at any moment (that last bit was probably too much info) I don't know if it's my "sun sickness" I get or if I'm truly sick (well obviously the sore throat and lost voice wouldn't be from my "sun sickness") 

For the last probably 5 years I've gradually gotten to the point that if it's sunny outside, I can't be out without feeling sick. I will get pounding migraines and feel nauseous and it will take me getting out of the sun and laying down for a couple hours to feel even remotely like a functioning human again. 

I wear head to toe high SPF and even wear huge sun hats. The sun hats have seemed to help some in the past, but I still can't be outside for very long. I have asked my doctor if maybe I could have developed an allergy to the sun (can that happen?) but they seem to shrug it off. I feel like I'm not taken seriously when I asked about it. 

Last year I was diagnosed with thyroid disease (great fun, now I get to be on meds the remainder of my life) and then about 3 months ago was told I have very severe vitamin d deficiency (normal levels are apparently are 70+ and I was 17. I actually have to have blood taken this week to see if they were able to get my levels evened out on the vitamin they put me on... 

So what the? Is it a combination of the two of these things that make my body reject the sun? Does anyone else have any weird "I hate it when it's sunny out" disease?!