Friday, April 27, 2012

fff vol 12

Been a very long week, but I am so glad friday is finally here. My plague is finally breaking, of course it starts to die around the same time I pay to go sit in a doctors office for two hours. But they did give me some meds, so hopefully being on them will give this thing its last kick in the pants and get out of my system. 

I'm hopeful for a productive weekend, I really am wanting to get out in the yards and get some work done - it just feels like (because its true) it's been raining non stop raining for an entire week. 

I've been a little lax on the internet this week but I have scrounged up some of my favorite finds, because who doesn't love a favorite finds friday?!

The first is on the sentimental side. My gramma Kiner (aka Vera of veranellies), was a traveler. She would go on many vacations each year. She used to get me charms for a sterling charm bracelet I used to have from all her ventures - France, Hawaii, Ireland, England, out west etc. I digress.. I just always remember this turquoise long slender ring she used to wear that she had gotten in Arizona. I can still picture it on her thin fingers with her long perfectly manicured nails. (side note she used to torture me by pushing back my cuticles every time she saw me and telling me how important it was to keep your nails perfect, thats probably why I was always fixated on her ring!) When my gramma passed away I was only 20. I was devastated. I remember my mother asking me if there was anything of hers that I had wanted. At 20, I said no, what do I want with furniture and antiques. My sister has a few things that were my grammas, but I have nothing. As I grew older, I just kept picturing that ring. I have told my mom on many occasions how if I could have one thing of hers, it would have been that ring. I guess no one knows what happened to it and that makes me really sad. Every time I go into an antique shop, I look and search for a similar ring. I have never found one that was like it. At least like it from what I remember, it's been 15 years - your memory begins to fade a was sort of like this, but not exact... I randomly check Etsy every once in a while to see if I can find one..this week was just one of those weeks...

So lets pull out of depressing and back into "yay, it's friday!" mode. I love all the items in this post. Here is a snippet:

This is just the the sweetest birthday party I've ever seen for a little human. Check out the blog, if you have kids, there are some really cute ideas.

I haven't spent too much time looking at cute clothes lately, mainly because I am broke and shouldn't look at things I can't afford. But I saw this adorable skirt. I like adding things to my wish list that I would never be able to afford to buy.

This is one of my favorite dog photos ever and just always makes my day to look at it. I really need to dress up Ella like this:

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Any good plans?