Monday, April 30, 2012

mcm vol 13

it's a lie. no mcm today. it's my blog, i can say screw it i don't want to put a post up if i'm not feeling like it, right? i feel a touch guilty about not posting something spectacular for everyone to gawk at and wish they owned. but i'm feeling cranky and just uninspired. 

cranky pants trisha is my name today. 

the plague of 2012 has about run its course - i have 2 more days on meds, and just a very slight cough left so that is a positive in my life. 

the other positive and exciting thing that was happening was we were making progress on our front yard gardens-  building beds and having a plan. (pictures and update to follow on wednesday) but just when you think things are going in the right direction...those damn lemons start falling.

the lemon - a notice on our door from the "code enforcer" - all it said was "sorry i missed you, please contact us to set up an appointment" in scribbled writing on the side it says "in regard to planter boxes". great. just great. we have no idea what this is all about. are they going to tell us we flat out can't have them?  is there some ridiculous law on planter boxes? no front yard gardens? (don't even get me started on that rant/vent i could post about that topic) are they too big? too close to the sidewalk? what is it? i had to call and leave a message for the guy. 

i am going to be very extremely upset if they are saying we flat out have to remove them. especially seeing that the MAYOR stopped by our house on sunday to discuss them (more on that wednesday too - yes i'm a snot and keeping the happy, yay it's a garden! memories to post on wednesday!) 

i know i shouldn't get upset before i know what they are going to tell us not to do. because obviously there is something we have apparently done wrong for the codes guy to come knocking on our door. but i can't help it. i fixate on things. i get frustrated and then that's all i can think about. booo on that as being one of my personality flaws. so with that. i'm going to find something to watch on netflix- eat some popcorn and sour patch kids and hope for the best tomorrow. best case scenario - we just have to move em not so close to the sidewalk. fingers crossed.

please don't be too mad at me for not posting what i was supposed is a fuzzy bunny to make everything a-okay and right with the world..