Friday, April 20, 2012

fff vol 11

Normally I am so excited when Friday rolls around. But this week, not so much. That means that my vacation is over, back to work on Monday. It completely sucks I have been sick my entire vacation but I guess in a way I would have rather been sick this week, then while trying to make it through 8 hour work days. While I was not able to accomplish nearly as much as I wanted, it has been fun being able to work in my studio and I have had a truly gorgeous, sunny warm week off.

I love Food Network magazine and have had a subscription for a few years now. This article in the May issue is really awesome. Not only is it visually beautiful, but it gives you the exact amount of "drops" of food coloring it takes to make each shade. A definite keeper and go to the next time I'm making cupcakes!

Right now, my life is about my studio and making it my mini home away from home. I've been searching for great prints to create a wall of art. I think I really need to add this:

I am in love with this entire post and the camp. The large paint by numbers mural in the baby's room and also the painted vintage cuckoo clocks. Can I please move in?

I absolutely adore Nicole from MakingItLovely. I have been reading her blog for what seems like ages and always am in love with her style and her posts. If you have never been to her blog, you need to go and check her out. Believe me, you will fall in love. Here is a tutorial she wrote on making your own Terrarium.

And some color inspiration. 

Hope everyone had a nice week and is looking forward to the weekend. We are having a mini cookout tomorrow so I'm excited for that. I say mini because it will just be me and K. But I love cookouts and he is firing up his smoker to make pulled pork. I first had it last year and it was amazing! I'm excited to have it again, its a special treat seeing it takes a good 8+ hours to cook. Does everyone have plans for the weekend?