Sunday, April 08, 2012

wss - on hiatus for Easter

I was going to launch my new feature today, but we had an unforeseen situation called the "evil stomach flu" that set us back a week. So everyone will just need to hold tight one more week to see the new feature. I'm really excited for the change up and think you will be too. So waiting a week is a-ok. 

It is simply gorgeous and so bright and sunny here in NY today. I've been baking up some mini whoopie pies to take to my sister's house in a couple hours and then will be back home so to not waste this gorgeous day indoors!

Yesterday we "cleaned" the front yard up. I won't lie. It looks like crap right now and I'm actually embarrassed to show what it looks like. Some things are starting to come up though. We originally were not going to be redoing the gardens this year, because we simply need to focus on structural things instead. But yesterday we were looking at some garden inspiration and some books and mister - when he gets something in his head that needs to be done - he just goes for it. 

So as I cut down dead flowers and raked leaves (I think I'm the only person on the East coast that has a tree that sheds its leaves in the Spring instead of Fall!) he tore up all our bricks in our side garden! All that work, gone in the matter of an hour. The weeds had pretty much taken over last year. We refuse to use any sort of chemicals and just could not get them to stop coming up between the bricks. Believe me we tried everything. 

So now it looks like this (sorry for the reflection of my bike)..

I feel a little sick about it, I won't lie. But we have a plan and I think it will be much better and will control the weeds better. Seeing that I have a full time "day" job, my shop and soon my glass studio (like this week!!) I just don't have time to be a full time gardener. So we need (a little bit less) high maintenance. 

For the front yard we have decided to put up a picket fence. We will move our flowers to surround the fence and then start building boxes for the veggie gardens.

The font yard will then be transformed (again- I can ONLY imagine what the neighbors think) to something like this..

**insert deep breaths here** Lots of work ahead of us, yet again. But it will be worth it. And I swear to god if he EVER mentions that we are changing up the front yard again. He will be on his own!

(I'm actually not sure what his plans are for the side yard now - so that will be a surprise to me as well!)

Hope everyone is having a nice Easter (if you celebrate). Time to finish up my whoopie pies and get ready for my sister's.