Wednesday, April 11, 2012

garden progress

We started our garden clean up this past weekend. And boy are our gardens a mess. Last year they sort of got out of control, especially the side bricked garden - it got so overtaken that we just let it go and gave up trying to keep up with it. Our mint went CRAZY - it was everywhere. We also seem to have chives throughout the side and front yard. Those things just multiply and take over everything. They do really really neat when they are blooming though. But this year I definitely want them out of the front yard.

Look at the mess! But this looks 100 times better than it did prior to me cutting everything down and raking.
Mister took out all the bricks (you can see the massive pile way out behind him) and he is starting a new project. He apparently has it all laid out in his head and is going to create different tiers with the bricks over there and also incorporate pots, a small seating area and then next year he is going to have bee hives - so he is going to build an area for them as well.

This is Henry the fake snake, his job is to keep away bad critters from our veggies and herbs. I have no idea if he works or not. But he did make me jump a couple times when mister has moved him and put him in different garden beds last year. I love snakes though. I used to have a corn snake named Oakie. He was a pretty cool little fella.

So that all I have to report today, the past few days have been rainy and cold and not much progress has been made. I'm off next week and will be splitting my time between my studio and the gardens. Hopefully there will be some good progress pictures for next weeks edition. Also we are going to be getting some apple trees and making a trellis espalier system like this one here..

Happy gardening! Are you working on any garden projects? Big or small, I'd love to see what everyone is up to.