Thursday, March 22, 2012

blanket update and work craziness

   First -  a little bit about some work craziness. this incident completely and totally screwed with my day yesterday. Yes I was in the building and I was one of the workers that remained quarantined past my normal work schedule. I don't really want to say what I truly feel about the incident and how it was handled. I guess I should say "no comment" and those of you that know me well enough know the expression on my face right now! haha But it's over. No one was hurt, nothing happened. But really? Someone really has nothing better to do with their time then send random things to big corporations? 

So anyway..moving on with life!

I have been working away on my human sized blanket. It's just about half way done and it's really exciting.

I haven't decided if I am going to keep it for myself or put it up in my shop..

Time to go relax, watch Ugly Betty on Netflix and crochet for the rest of the night. I need to update my "what I watch" I've been slacking and have a lot of documentaries - good and very very bad to add on there haha. I think I am going to come up with a funny rating system. Maybe I'll work on it this weekend.

How is it Friday tomorrow already?! (I am not complaining, just curious where the week went!)