Wednesday, February 01, 2012

3 Things February..

after having one of the worst days in a while at my job today - it was refreshing to see a fun February project to join in on. over at a super cute blog i read daily has also decided to take part of the action.

so the project is simple for the month of February: record 3 things that made you smile during the day. just something that made you smile - it doesn't have to be anything life changingly exciting. just something that broke up the frown on your face. (lately - due to stress - my frown has been a pretty consistent staple)

February 1, 2012:
1. my Lotta clogs finally showing up after we had thought they had been lost in the mail system forever!

2. Ella (my baby wiener puppy chasing after our coon hound as fast as she could in the back yard - only to screech to a halt when a leaf blew past her, she lost her train of thought and then started chasing the leaf until she caught it

3. the moment my clock struck 3:30 and work day was over

I'm really looking forward to doing this daily. I hope you'll join along too. If you do please leave a comment so I can check out your 3 things daily too!