Friday, February 10, 2012


I took a short holiday yesterday and didn't post a 3tf post. I felt horrible, like I broke a contract because I didn't post - so today I'm going to double my 3tf to make up for it!

1. argyle knee high socks
2. realizing that Lilyhammer has all been added to Netflix- 8 episodes. We thought an episode was going to be release each week - but they are all listed- just watched episode 2, and trying to hold out on watching them all at once
3. pizza for dinner - yumm!!
4. puppy kisses and crazy nibbles
5. posting a bunch of things in my etsy shop and will be finishing posting tomorrow- maybe doing a little shopping over the weekend to open with more than what I currently have on hand
6. playing "order up" on my iphone. so addicting