Thursday, February 02, 2012


day two of 3 things february - i was working today, and thinking ohmygoodness - i don't think i am going to have anything to post for 3tf today. it's really hard when you get into a rut at your job, but throughout the day i daydream of someday solely working for myself. that's what gets me through the day. once 3:30 hits i spring up from my desk and start on all the projects ive been working on - but today, my last client made my day. she makes my top three things today.

1. last call i had to make of the day - had to tell this lady her information received wasn't complete, most people get really upset- blame us because their doctors are retards and just are not pleasant calls to deal with. this woman, she laughed. laughed! and said "oh shit! that's not good!" she started telling me her mom had fallen and her dad had a stroke and shes like- but hey- they are both fine now and we are all good. she had such an amazing outlook on life. she went on to tell me how she just needed some time out of work and that her doctor told her "she looked like shit" she continues - "it's never good when your doctor tell you that you look like shit and you have been a professional make-up artist for 30 years!!" i burst out laughing. this lady - she was just hilarious and just what i needed to end my work day. it's people like her that make me strive to not let the little things bother me. i actually thanked her! hahah sometimes you just need someone to remind you that your life is what you make it.

2. wrapping christmas presents and creating a fun package to go out for my best friend, her husband and super cool son (yes, i know it's february) but it's more fun to get presents at random moments throughout the year and not just on holidays, right!?

3. watching netflix 80's movies with my mister and discussing how exciting it would be to have a fight in the grocery store isle - falling into a pit of "stinky socks" (otherwise known as jax to everyone beside my husband) and then having to eat your way out.

how did day two of your 3tf go?