Sunday, February 05, 2012


sunday's 3tf:

1. waking up to puppy kisses (except for the fact it was 4:30am)

2. putting super soft, clean new sheets on the bed 

3. k's new nickname for Ella is Luigi and he is starting his story line for her. (side note - we treat our girls as mini characters. we used to have such great stories - we had a miniature pinscher named Lily who passed away in 2009, a tall crazy male cat, Enzo, who passed away in 2010 and also my beautiful and angelic kitty, Mya who passed away way too young in 2006.  they have (all had) quite different personalities and personas. ah, the stories we have come up with them all. i need to start documenting them and making a children's book. though i somehow don't think a publisher would want to publish a book about an alcoholic cat that works as a mechanic by day and his mode of transportation is a firetruck. and no, neither of us have ever done any illegal substances.) 

happy sunday to all.. do we really need to go back to work tomorrow?!