Monday, February 27, 2012


Ray and Charles Eames.

Over the weekend K and I watched a documentary on the life of Ray and Charles Eames - The Architect and the Painter.
  It was extremely interesting. I had no idea they were involved in half the projects that they were. They were much more than chair designers (I'm sure most of you knew that) they were truly amazing individuals. I highly recommend watching the documentary to learn more.

One of the movies that they produced was called "Tops". It's one of my favorites.

Most of us when we think of the word Eames think of their chairs and their relationship with Herman Miller. But did you know that Ray and Charles were able to come up with the molded plywood design first by making splints during the war?

After the war they continued on their quest of molding the plywood until they successfully were able to produce their molded plywood chairs that became a staple of MCM decor.

Another iconic chair they produced was the lounge and ottoman. One of my personal favorites. I hope to one day have one of these..

(images from the Herman Miller website)

A very interesting website full of information about their home and preservation is the Eames Foundation. It provides information on their amazing home - Case Study #8.

They were such a very sweet couple who almost molded into one person. Ray always seemed to have a beaming smile on her face. Sadly Charles passed away on August 21, 1978 - Ray outlived him for 10 years to the very day, passing away on August 21, 1988.