Friday, February 17, 2012


This super awesome cat sweater. Need I say anything more?

I have been in love with this dress since first seeing it. I have been having a bad run of buying dresses and them not fitting me right, or me getting them and not liking the fabric. What ever happened to just plain cotton?! This dress is everything I've been looking for 1. cotton 2. cute perfect shape 3. the pattern!! Seeing that I have yet another dress to return at Modcloth. Maybe I should just shell out the little extra and get it? Yes??

The weather feels more like spring than winter, I'm sure it's the same everywhere but it's making me crave spring and getting our gardens cleaned up and ready. Our entire front yard is flower gardens but this year we are going to incorporate veggies (our side yard is already an large herb garden). I love this picture, great inspiration.

This picture made my day. My mister and myself get this question all the time. It seems like at every family get together the same people ask the same dull questions. You would think they would know by now that we just don't simply care and we do what makes us happy. It's not for anyone else but ourselves. Do what you love. I don't get the tattoo question I get the "Will those ever close up? What are you going to do when you're 80?" My response every time.. "Ummmm, have large holes in my even more droopy ears?"

My brother is going to school for photography (I know I've mentioned it before) but he has a really good eye and has the start of an amazing portfolio. I would love for him to do a series of my girls to have photos like these lining our stairway once it's finished (have to finish sheetrock first!) My mister and I have gone through some very emotional losses over the past couple years. First with the passing of my kitty, Mya. Next was the passing of our first dog, Lily- our min pin and first baby puppy, then lastly only about 6 months later the passing of my second kitty Enzo - he was my first kitty as an adult. Oh how I miss them all. I think of them all daily and am saddened that I don't have terrific photos of them. I have random photos. But just nothing that stands out and could be blown up to large sizes. My puppy Lola, is now going to be 10 on St Patrick's Day. No one is getting any younger. I need to harass my brother this summer and get some beautiful photos to line my walls. It's something I need to have done and I shouldn't wait any longer ..
I just love this photo of the aging dog in his bed

Color inspiration for the week:

Yay for fridays, I'm so excited for it to be the weekend and to be able to relax and crochet. Though I did volunteer and am going to work a few hours tomorrow - but it should go quickly and will make my life so much easier on Monday!

Have a great weekend everyone!