Saturday, February 25, 2012


As I promised, a post full of pictures from our adventures yesterday. The day started with a yummy breakfast.

Then we were off..

Here are the highlight and some of our favorite finds from around the shop.

These jam n' jelly containers. They were one of Kevin's favorites. They were a tad out of my price range though, but super cute none the less:

I loved this pink elephant barware set. (it was actually from the same dealer as above)

This enormous rack of vintage linens.

This vendor has all things vintage Halloween. Such amazing things were in this display!

If I were to own a china set, it would be this one:

We found a fair share of very creepy/ disturbing items as well:

I fell in love with this ring. I have wanted a large amber ring for many of these days I will finally buy one:

A gorgeous pair of 50's cat eyes that I am kicking myself for forgetting to go back to buy:

I think my most favorite brooch ever!

A really neat Sprite clock:

A beautiful MCM radio

This was mister's heaven, he spent lots of time in this corner!

Camera corner: These were the coolest miniature cameras I've ever seen. Little teeny spy cameras, on the bottom shelf they had the film for them

Mister getting up close and personal to another camera display: (he has his own collection of vintage cameras)

We came home with some really great items. It's a snowy wonderland today and I'm feeling extremely lazy, so when I take shop pictures tomorrow - I take pictures of our take-aways. We had a really fun day on  our adventure - but this antique center really needs to install either a bakery or food court! We spent over 4 hours there and were starving! They would make a killing if they installed some sort of eatery.

I'm so glad today is only Saturday and I still have tomorrow to get everything done that I wanted to get done today. Sometimes it's nice to just have a lazy day and just do nothing but play on your computer while watching random netflix documentaries!

happy weekend!