Tuesday, February 07, 2012

my beautiful studio

while there is still some work to do on the space. i was so excited and had to move in my furniture today before all the moldings were finished! i have some framed art work that i need to hang up, and i need to find a small table or tiny bookcase or shelf next to the chair to complete the space. (well you know beside my torch and kiln!)

my industrial metal work table i got for 10$ from Craigslist - it was out in Rochester (about 2 1/2 hours from my house) but SO worth the adventure mister and I had going out there last summer. the old industrial metal chair (super super squeaky) is from Bouckville Antique Festival - Bouckville is about a 20 minute drive from my house and all year around has many many antique shops (we go all the time) but during the summer they have a HUGE week long show with vendors from all over the country. The chair is from one of the vendors. K got a great pair of old industrial green porcelain lights from the same vendor. we got a "bundled deal" The lights are also vintage cage lights that K hardwired into the ceiling. and the windows and door- also from an amazing woman named Fury who owns a HUGE red barn full of antiques. Those windows were a labor of love. many many hours went into those. I have pictures of the whole process and before and afters. (if you are wondering - the tubing coming out of the wall is my ventilation system for when i hook up my torch. its hooked up to a crazy fan that is outside the "hut"  

super awesome 50's red chair- another 10$ craigs list find! this was a little more local only 15 minutes away. antique door that i worked hard on fixing lots of cleaning up, scraping, replacing glass panes, cutting my own glass, and finding antique hardware.

and there is LOLA!! 

mister cleaned this table- i can't take credit for that- it came out beautiful.

some how i have lost my outlet cover?! so just another thing to get!

i can not wait to begin working - soon soon soon..

i LOVE this space...