Monday, February 06, 2012


1. Per usual- you all know I'm not happy at my current "9-5". But today I reached a point where I said to myself, What do I care? Why am I investing so much stress and energy and emotion into a job that does not care the least about me. I'm an excellent worker, probably one of the best they currently have. I work hard, I don't call in, I do a good job- consistently. No one needs to worry when they assign me a project, because I deliver and I deliver above and beyond what they are expecting each time. Basically I'm wasting my Summa Cum Laude (hey I have to brag and be proud of myself just a teensy bit about that) brain on a job that a monkey could do, and probably do better than half the staff they currently have. So you are probably wondering, why does this make your list of 3tf? It does because it made me feel good to vent to my friend today, and when I was I realized how stupid it all was in the big picture of it all I got this smile on my face, shook my head and said No more. no more wasting my talents and my brain on a place that doesn't care- a place where I am simply a number. So today - today I start the job hunt and start looking for a place to work that actually will appreciate someone that is intelligent and someone willing to work hard.

2. moldings - ok- so they are not 100% complete because we forgot to buy enough to get around the door! (whoops!) but they are semi up- and up enough that we moved in my awesome industrial table. i seriously can not express how happy this makes me. just beaming super happy.

3. almost 50 degree weather in February. Okay- I live in Upstate NY. This simply just does not happen. The weather we have been having this winter is simply insane. No snow storms- no shoveling. Nothing. So tonight -yes, tonight, we grilled! Ah- I love when mister grills. 

A very good Monday - hope you all had a great Monday and at least 3 things to make you smile as well!