Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I never dreamed of the "perfect wedding" The big white dress and all that. It was never my style. I actually didn't even think we'd ever get married. But I, what the heck..

Three years ago today, the mister and I finally tied the knot after being together for 11 years. We are definitely not a "traditional" couple. We never celebrate anniversaries or special dates. Like I told my mom, "We've been together now 14 years. Three years of marriage means nothing. The only thing that changed was the way I do my taxes and my last name". I actually had to go back and look to figure out what the actual date was, some reason I always think it's the 26th but I know I would have never picked an "even" day to get married then I remember it's the 29th haha. What a system I have huh?!

Our wedding was very fitting for us. Very informal at my sister's house (who owns a fall festival/ corn maze). My aunt (who I spoke about recently that has passed away) married us in front of about 100+ family and friends. I had originally wanted it to be a pizza party but my mom didn't like that idea so she rented us a food truck to go along with the carnival type theme we had going. There was a cotton candy machine, popcorn machine, and sno-cone machine. And no cake - instead there was an ice cream truck that played it's music and drove around giving out "free" treats to any and all that wanted them.

The attractions: corn maze, bouncy pillow, corn cannons, industrial sling shots, pedal carts, my sister even did a pig race! (I was like seriously?!? pig racing at my wedding! hahah) But everyone loved it. Lastly..a dunking booth. And yes, I got dunked. 

The afternoon turned into a complete torrential down pour. Everyone was covered in mud and was drenched. I actually apologized to everyone that it had rained. I felt so horrible about it that it ruined the day.

I had a lot of fun creating the invitations, RSVP cards and Direction cards. My parents said they had a few friends that thought a carnival was coming to town and almost threw away the cards because they didn't realize it was our wedding!

A few of the highlights...
top row: Brian, Kevin's older brother. Us, know..kissing..
bottom row: Kevin's oldest brother Jason (they could be twins except Jason had crazy long hair), Brian..being well..Brian and Townes, my best friends super awesome kid. 

(dress was from Anthropology)
(mister's clothes - van sneakers, element pants and shirt)

Here's to three years of having the same last name..and 14 years with the same you mister!! 

and ps. i love the bunny - you just have to learn how to give a present a little better! hahah