Sunday, August 26, 2012

dear creatures dress take two?

I wanted to offer up my Dear Creatures dress again in the hopes someone may want it for this fall. It's a gorgeous dress (it's the red plaid one). The money will go toward getting a few more much needed things to launch my new shop...

I bought the red and gold Blossom dress from Dear Creatures when they had it on sale to get ready for their new Spring line. While I love Dear Creatures clothing, their return policy is less than desirable. No returns, only exchanges for a different size. When I bought it they were already sold out of size small, so I bought a medium and it doesn't fit.

It is excellent quality and is fully lined. Obviously the tags are still attached. I even put it directly back into the bag they had it packaged in when they sent it to me and it's been sitting in the box for weeks. I hate to just see this dress sit at my house, in the bag and never be worn.

Is anyone interested?

I would like to get $70 for it, which is what I paid. I'll even throw in free shipping. Make me an offer!