Wednesday, August 22, 2012

you know where to put that leaf blower..

(an old picture where Mr Enzo my kitty who has since passed away decided he wanted to help decorate the dog cookies for an upcoming show - a definite smile was had while shaking my head)

We all have those days..those days in which any little thing sets off. No real reason, just lots of little things that add up over the course of a day, week or month that lead us wanting to tell someone exactly what they can do with their leaf blower that they have been using for HOURS on end because they are too lazy to sweep a small parking lot. God forbid a few leaves in a doctors office parking lot. How unnatural to have leaves on the ground! Ahhhhh see.. now I feel better! Just kidding (though that guy is completely annoying especially when he's been doing it for the past two hours I've been working)

Anyway, when I get annoyed about things that would normally not make me upset. I take a deep breath, shake my head and then try to focus on the small stuff. The small stuff that happens every day that puts a smile on my face. The small stuff that I look forward to on a daily or weekly basis. This is something I have done for quite some time and find it helps me relax when I feel myself extremely anxious. When I saw my buddy Nicole put up a daily highlights post yesterday it was perfect timing. It's something I sit back and think about quite often, so why not share with all my lovely readers out there?!

So here it is..a few of my favorite moments of the day:

  • Checking my email on my iphone at 4am and seeing I have a new email, while I let all the dogs outside to pee
  • Climbing back into bed and getting to sleep another hour after said peeing and checking email
  • The days in which I get to start my day by working out and then signing on to my computer to work from home 
  • Lola sleeping at my feet
  • Ella coming and wanting to give me hugs after her first morning nap
  • Both Ella and Lola (even if they are in a dead sleep will wake up) following me into the bathroom while I take my morning shower, both sharing the bath mat relaxing until I'm done
  • Work from home days = lunch with the mister
  • Hearing the mister opening the front door and the girls go crazy in anticipation of him coming in and rough housing with them
  • 3:30, enough said!
  • Brainstorming and making lists upon lists for my upcoming business venture
  • Updating my blog and getting awesome comments
  • Crocheting in bed while watching random Netflix shows with the mister
  • Laughing until tears while K and I make up stories about the girls. (the most recent one was after watching Rocky 3 - K said that Ella was going to produce a remake. she was going to be Rocky and Lola was going to play both Mr T and Apollo Creed. Ella was fixing to give Lola a Mr T hair cut and then also was going to give her a perm to transform into Apollo. It was going to be a tough two rolls but she had faith in Lola to be able to pull it off. We always put them in human elements of walking on two legs and having these larger than life personalities. Just like Ella's secret identity - Luigi. We could probably make millions turning these into childrens movies or books!)
Sometimes it takes just a moment for you to sit back and think about all the little things that put a smile on your face through out the day. Forget about all the crappy stuff going on and just be thankful for what you have.

What puts a smile on your face through out the day?