Tuesday, August 28, 2012

what the??


I checked my email today and received a bunch of comments on the past two posts and for some reason they are not on the blog. Has anyone ever had this happen?

I use intense debate. The comments that are showing up, somehow people posted through blogger. Where are all my comments that people posted with internse debate? I want to reply back to y'all!?!


ok- i think I have it fixed after much searching. what i found is that if someone comments on your blog with their phone that it actually overrides and uses the blogger system and will delete out all your comments if you are using the intense debate platform.

it stated that the fix was to change your mobile setting template to "custom" and that this should force the comments to go through the intense debate platform. it also stated to change your setting so that you have to approve any comments left through blogger. so i changed both and we shall see.

so i wanted to apologize to everyone that left comments and well wishes for my new business. they meant a lot and i really appreciate all the hopes for my new business to succeed. i am hopeful that i have fixed this problem and that no comments will get deleted in the future.

thank you all again! and i hope i may have helped anyone out there that may have experienced this for themselves on their blogs!!