Monday, August 13, 2012

will ya give me a dollar?

This weekend we bypassed our Saturday morning ritual of going to our farmer's market and instead traveled over and hour to an auction on a quest to buy a kiln. 

Small back story. I have needed a kiln for my studio but the one I wanted was over $1500. I obviously don't have that kind of money sitting around because it was all spent on building my studio (I went way over budget and stopped counting how much I actually invested into it) This summer I haven't even really stepped foot in there because of the heat. It's not really fun being in an 8'x 6' box when it's over 100 degrees outside and then using a torch only makes it that much hotter. The one time I did try and almost blacked out because I overheated! Definitely something you don't want to happen to you while using an open flame! 

Basically, without a kiln, anything I make is just scrap. Even if I made the most beautiful perfect piece - it would be scrap because it didn't go through a kiln. A couple weeks ago my parents had gone to a large craft show in Syracuse and my dad met a glass worker. He started talking with the guy and he actually said he wanted to sell one of his kilns and he'd sell it for $400. I knew the kiln he had wasn't exactly what I wanted but figured at least this way I'd have something and can graduate to the more expensive one later. I was going to give him a call when I saw that there was this upcoming auction that had a kiln! Again, it wasn't the one I had wanted, but hoped I could get it for a steal and it would be something to use for now.

Off we went..

I will say that there are some very interesting people that frequent auctions. And these people buy very weird and random crap! We got there early enough that we were able to walk around and I was able to inspect the kiln, it was dirty and cobwebby but the elements were in tact and it looked good. 

When it finally came up. The auctioneer said okay - this is for the dog house OR the kiln. You are bidding and the winner picks what they want. I thought this was SO bizarre. I made the mister do the bidding because I KNOW I would have just been crazy and I'm sure would have found a way to screw it up!

There was only one other woman bidding against us (she bought so much CRAP - I'm not really sure why she was bidding on this), and at one point she even turned around and gave us the hairy eyeball. I'm quite positive I furrowed my eyebrows to show her we meant business! It got to $40 and the lady gave up! We won it for $37.50!!! A kiln for $37.50!!!! I actually started jumping up in down in my chair, the excitement!!

Here it is, cleaned up and in its new home. It also came with a small little stand. I think I may put it on the stand, but I haven't decided yet. The only thing I need to buy is a digital pyrometer so that I know the exact temperature in the kiln. Then it will be all set and ready to go!

We also got this cute typewriter table for a dollar that I am going to give a makeover to.

It is a hideous gold color so I am going to paint it an industrial grey I think. You can see the little stand that came with the kiln next to it. I probably won't end up using it (the cheapy kiln stand) and will just trash it. But we'll see. 

On our way home we stopped by some antique shops and there was a craft show going on out front. Lots and lots of people around and all the vendors had amazing sales.

I picked up this adorable cookie jar for $8.

I have been searching but can't find anything on this jar. He's just so cute, I love him! This coming weekend is the huge antique fest in Bouckville. I am already super excited and looking forward to it.