Thursday, November 22, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Movies - #12

I hope everyone (USA folks) are having a nice Thanksgiving and day off from work!

The mister and I placed an order for a turkey with one of our local farmers this year, we didn't really calculate how much it would be until a few days before picking it up. It sort of clicked and we both just went..ummm..this is gonna be one expensive turkey! haha But hey- it was completely and totally worth it. 1. to support local farms 2. to have a pure and healthy turkey, completely fresh (was processed on Monday - we picked it up Tuesday) Never frozen. So we decided to have a mini Thanksgiving of our own last night with our $60 bird. And let me say.. it was worth every penny! 

Another Thanksgiving today with my parents, brother, and aunt and uncle. It should be a nice relaxing, quiet day. I'm, of course, bringing a crazy enormous apple pie!

I hope everyone has a fantastic day!!

My brain is already on Christmas this year so I wanted to kick off .. Twelve days of Christmas movies. Over the next few weeks - from now until December 20th to be exact - I will be sharing with you 12 of my favorite Christmas movies of all time.

Every year I have a tradition which normally starts today, on Thanksgiving. I bust out all my Christmas movies and get so excited to have movie marathons. There are a few movies that have also popped into my head that didn't make this list that are definite holiday movies I watch each year as well. But I needed to make a cut off - so I cut it off at 12. Being a huge movie person, you can imagine my excitement for these classics (and not so classics) that have made my top 12 list. 

They won't be in a particular order, as in X movie is better than Y movie because each of them I have chosen, I've chosen for different reasons. Some because I watched them as a child - and still have the need to watch them as an adult..and some simply because they are hilarious and simply awesome that you could even watch them 10 times before Christmas, every Christmas and still not get tired of the movie.

So..  without further ado. #12.

We'll kick this party off with:


While not a specifically a Christmas movie, it does take place at Christmas. The film revolves around an inventor who brings home a unique gift. A small fuzzy creature called a Mogwai. The creature comes with some rules – Keep away from Sunlight, Don’t feed after midnight, Never get wet. When these rules are broken, a mischievous legion of Gremlins is unleashed on a small town wreaking havoc. 

Growing up in the 80's, I had my own little Gizmo stuffed animal that went everywhere with me. I loved this movie and still love it as an adult. If it wasn't going to be part of your holiday movie marathons, make room and squeeze it in!