Wednesday, November 14, 2012

getting to know you...

I think you all have started to get to know me pretty well. I'm a pretty open person, wear my heart on my sleeve and will tell anyone the story of my life if you really want to hear it. Obviously we all have secrets and portions and factoids of our lives that are very private and that we only share with a select few closest to us, and most trusted.

I have done a "get to know me- tag your it" type post before. So this one I really need to think about what I want to share that I already haven't in the past. I will try my best to not be redundant as Miss Nicole, again, throws me to the wolves of tagging me with such a daunting feat.

Five random facts about me:

1. When I was in forth grade I wanted to play the drums, but wasn't allowed to because I was too small. Apparently a requirement to play an instrument is that you can lift it. The drum kit was in this ginormous black case that, no joke, weighed more than I did and was almost as tall as I was (I was a teeny peanut). I was devastated. My "back-up" that was chosen for me was the clarinet. I absolutely hated it and quit as soon I was able to. As an adult I have had an obsession with the cello. I would absolutely love to just sit in my living room and belt this out..Apparently I have an obsession with instruments that are larger than me..

2. I've never been someone that has wanted kids. They actually freak me out a bit. Plus it's hard for me to look past the dirty, sticky hands and constant need for attention. However, sometimes..I get this urge and think that I would be a kick-ass mama and the mister would be an awesome papa. I know we would. We have excellent morals and values. I said I would never get married and I did that... so well.. you never know. Now don't anyone go knitting me baby booties or anything. Because when I say "sometimes" the moment lasts about 5 minutes and then I come out of it! hahah I'm just saying. I haven not ruled it entirely out of the question.

3. I once tried to catch a duck using a laundry basket, a stick and a piece of string. Totally cartoon style. My boyfriend (at the time) and I sat behind a bench, holding a sting waiting for a duck to come along and be caught. I'm not entirely sure what we thought we were going to do with it once we caught it. But the thrill of the waiting for the catch was very exciting... we gave up after about 45 minutes once we realized that none of the ducks would even go near the basket. So instead we decided to try and catch a fish with a garbage can. He ran into the pond, scooped the can and caught one on the first swipe. We kept the fish as a "pet" for half a day - showed our roommates and friends and released him back to the pond. Ah.... the things you go for excitement in college.

4. I've had two, major, knee surgeries on my left leg and still need another one. I keep pushing it out and not doing it because the surgeries are so awful. The last surgery left me with permanent nerve damage on either side of my knee and the inability to place any weight on my knee (such as kneeling - nope can't do that) I also don't have full range of motion and can't bend my leg all the way, so no "indian-style" sitting for me either. 

5. My feet are extremely ticklish. So ticklish that I once, involuntarily  kicked a girl in the head who grabbed my foot. Yeah.. Do NOT touch my feet!!

Five questions from Nicole:

Who let the dogs out? For serious, tell me. Who did it?

I did. Usually around 3am then again around 5am. You got a problem with that?

What was your favourite song when you were in Grade 9? (If you can't remember that far back or you don't want to give away your age, just think of one of your faves from high school.)

Seeing that I'm ancient, I can't remember that far back (j/k I can - and in our school Grade 9 was in the high school, so it's the same thing) Anyhow, semantics. In 9th grade I had a MAJOR crush on Evan Dando from the Lemonheads. I had an entire wall in my bedroom devoted to all things Evan Dando. It was quite stalkerish now that I think about it. Glossy photos, posters and zines...ah it was my dream to marry Evan Dando. (obviously I was oblivious to the fact he was on some pretty major drugs at the time, and its surprising that he made it out of the 90's alive!) So.. if you have never listened to The Lemonheads - here is one of my favorites from their "It's a shame about Ray" album.

What blog post did you read this week that made you go "Hear, hear! Right on, sista." or something along those lines? (Please link to it!)

One of my favorite bloggers is Kaelah, I'm sure most of you know who she is because she has thousands of followers and is a super cool gal. I think the reason I like her blog so much is for her honesty. And as you know, that is really big for me. So this week when she wrote about the election I really did sit back and say, "right on". She was actually the only blogger that I read (or that I noticed - sorry if you wrote about it and I missed it) that took the time to write her feelings about the subject.

I tossed and turned about the matter. But in the end I decided I would keep my political views..just that..mine. But after reading her post, I thought why hide my feelings? I would hope that my readers, even if they may not agree with my stance in politics, should respect me enough to not write anything hurtful or negative. In the end though. I think I made the right choice of just not saying anything. Because I read through the majority of her comments and couldn't believe some of the things people wrote. I guess when you feel so strongly about certain views and someone feels the opposite but just as passionate - there is that clash and awkwardness. I would never disrespect someone for having different views. That's what makes us unique and individuals. If we were all the same.. well.. it would be a pretty damn boring world.

What's your favourite thing about winter?

I love snow and the cold. I love being able to cuddle up under blankets with my mini family and just hang out. There is something magical about winter, when you have changing seasons. I also love the feeling of the holidays. I think winter in the North makes you slow down a bit, relax and really just enjoy the simple moments. 

When you go to Starbucks or some fancy coffee shop, what's your go-to beverage? Does it change with the season?

Okay, I do not drink any hot beverages. I think I said this before, but I will have hot cocoa as long as it topped high with whipped cream and marshmallows, once those are gone - I will not drink anymore of the cocoa! I also detest large, chain coffee shops. Mom and Pop local shops is where you should be going and supporting ;) But anyway, yeah, I drink water from the tap. And lots of it. Which means, my drinks are always free.


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