Monday, November 26, 2012

Market Mondays

Eggs, carrots, eggplant, onions, butter, french bread (two different types), BUTTER!, bacon, ground beef, pork chops, top round and a pork shoulder. 

We had our first snow of the season here in Oneida. It's just a dusting on the ground, but was crazy to go from over 60 degrees on Thanksgiving to in the 20's and snowy white-outs on Saturday. We still ventured out to the market (like we would miss it!) It was so much quieter this weekend than the first weekend. Much more peaceful and we could actually stand around and talk for a little bit instead of being so rushed.

I took about half of Kelly's carrots, but here was her booth. We of course got some good meats from them too.

Action shot! I love this woman's display. We sadly didn't buy anything from her because we already had many of her yummies already at our house that she had for sale. 

Our butter guy was there so we were able to get our delicious butter and more french bread which is so amazing I can't even express how good it is!

The next market on the 8th, I'm actually going to be vending at! I'm really excited. For my sake - I hope that weekend is back to how it was the first opening weekend!! I'm working on a few more new scents - but they won't be ready until after the holiday for sale. I'll keep you all posted on  them =)

And now to share with you my amazing apple pie. Remember I told you I was going to use an entire peck of apples for ONE pie?! Well I did! And here it is..

That pie dish is ginormous, I believe it makes a 14" pie? I made a 14" HEAPING pie..and it was amazing! Sadly, because I had baked it just before going to my parents it hadn't had time to set. so it was a little messy! But the second day it was fully set and easy to cut and take out in a slice instead of a pile of pie. Yum...I must say, I do make one mean apple pie!

Happy Monday..