Friday, November 16, 2012

fff vol 41

Favorite finds from the last week: 

1. Etsy find of the week:

These little guys are simply the cutest!!I had a hard time picking my favorite one so here are the majority of her characters, all holding hands. They are just too adorable!

2. Blog of the week: 

I came across this great little blog when looking to see that I had a few new readers. I love her photography and her jewelry is also very cool. Go check it out!.

3. Please can I move in?

I am in love with this entryway. I have always been in love with staircases that have a small landing and turn halfway up. In our house, the stairs just go straight up, but upstairs there is a railing that runs on one side overlooking the downstairs. I can not wait for this house to be completed. It is my goal to have the entire downstairs complete by the summer. It may sound like a crazy goal. But I think it's doable. Then next year..we can possibly actual decorate for the holidays and have our house feel like a home. (can you tell I'm already starting to get in the Christmas mood?!)

4. Get in my belly... 

Growing up I hated carrots, now I can't eat enough of them. I'm still not a huge fan of eating raw carrots but cooked..I'll eat them all! Though I must say. I'm a bit of a carrot snob. They have to be organic and fresh out of the ground. Believe me, there is a difference. A VERY big difference from the ones you buy in the grocery market, even if they say organic. I can not wait until next year when I am growing my own and can just go outside and dig some up whenever I want to eat some! Ah, these would look so lovey on the Thanksgiving table.

5. Tee shirt of the week from Dark Cycle Clothing

This tee shirt is hilarious! It's especially hilarious for me because my mom used to apparently play the accordian when she was little, so whenever K and I see anything with an accordian we usually make some wise ass comment about my mother dancing around playing it. (haha sorry mom!)

How is it already Thanksgiving this next week?! Everyone is Christmas shopping and the official craziness will begin next friday for most Americans. I won't write my too much on my opinions on the matter because I don't want to offend anyone. But I'm sure you can gather, from what you have learned about me, that I don't fall into the "big-box" type of Christmas. For me, I wish Christmas was just a simple time to get together with friends and family, eat some good food, hang out and give handmade trinkets to show your love and appreciation for the closest people in your life. Why it's turned into what it has turned into makes me pretty sad. The whole "I want, I want, I want" culture is not something that I like at all. Enough said on that topic!

So starting next week I have a very fun feature that will be posted for 12 random days starting Thanksgiving and running through December 20th. Be sure to check it out! I'm also planning some other fun Christmas posts over the next few weeks.

This weekend, there is no market. I actually have to put in 7 hours of over time for work, and K has to work either Saturday or Sunday as well. So it will be a working weekend. I also need to make some more soaps for the shop so they will be ready for Christmas gifts.

What are your plans for the weekend?