Thursday, November 01, 2012

October in review

How is it November already? October flew by, as did this entire year. I always feel that every year once Halloween passes it seems like it's a sprint to the new year and a race is on to complete Christmas presents and shopping. Again this year will be an entirely handmade (or antiqued) Christmas. I hope I can inspire more people to take this approach to Christmas this year. Over the next two months I will be posting and giving lots of tutorials for fun handmade gifts to give.

I thought it would also be nice to do a round up of each month. I love when I see roundups on other blogs, so why not incorporate a monthly one into mine (so be expecting this each month from now on!)

exciting happenings in my world throughout October:
* The opening of The Hive Botanicals, including launching my Etsy shop and being a vendor at my first show for the business
* Long, in depth, and soulful talks with my other half regarding our life dreams and goals
* Interviewing and possibly getting a different job within the current company I work for (more on this to follow, don't want to jinx anything)
* Already completing Christmas presents
* A very nice, relaxing vacation in which all I did was bake, make soap and crochet. It was bliss

a teeny list of things I'm thankful for this month:
*my fuzzy dogs, aka: "the furance", "the space heater" and "the candle" for cuddling with me every night * my mister for being on the same page * blueberry muffins * the ability to crochet * falling leaves * our farmers market and all the amazing people we continue to meet because of it * my sister for allowing me to be a vendor at her harvest festival * my mister for being handy and installing my new fender on the "toaster" after it was crashed into last month * Cute rain jackets just in time for Hurricane Sandy (though we hardly were impacted at all) * apple pie * burn salve* take-away food on lazy nights*

I hope everyone here on the east coast are safe following the hurricane and withstood only minimal damage, if any. Here's to making the most out of these last two months of 2012!