Wednesday, November 07, 2012

lovely presents...

I have some pretty darn amazing friends. I was having a pretty craptastic day yesterday when mister came home at lunch handing me a package. I started jumping up and down in my chair and did a little "i got mail" dance. 

Mail can turn any frown upside down (yeah yeah cheesy, but oh so true!) As I ripped open the package more and more goodness came out! First an adorable little case with an owl on it, some super cute tissues!, a super crafty and warm handmade headband for this winter, and THE BEST note pad ever created. Who did this all come from you ask? Why my good buddy, Nicole. I can't even begin to express how much this little package meant to my day. So thank you Nicole, you are super awesome!

My day then continued with me meeting and picking up beeswax from my new local source! Nothing beats being able to help out other local businesses. Nothing. 

My sister had told me about her neighbor who  has bee hives and according to her  "is just like you - into all that organic and natural stuff, you guys will get along great"

So I got her number and made the call. Her and her husband have all natural (organic- but not certified organic) bee hives. I was SO excited! So last night we met for the first time. We couldn't stop chatting away out in the cold. Her poor daughter was strapped to her back and probably had frostbite by the time with both zipped it. It was just so awesome to meet another local person that has the same values as we do. Even weirder is we were talking and it turns out she actually knows what house I live in and walks by sometimes during the summer and told me how much she is in love with our house and she just knew that "hippies" had to live there! haha It made me laugh. 

I can not even begin to express how awesome this stuff is.. it smells AMAZING. I was using organic beeswax before - but it didn't smell anywhere near as delicious as this does. This will be used in the lip balms and a super awesome new balm/salve I will be working on this week - I'll keep you updated ;) Ahhhh... i just want to keep sniffing this!

So that's how my craptastic day turned it's frown upside down. Because of awesome people and new friends that need to just remind me that life isn't about your shitty (yes I said a bad word, sorry mom!) day job but its about what you do with your actual life and who you surround yourself with.

So, thank you all for being so awesome and a part of my extended life.