Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Birthdays and St Patrick's Day!

Today is my little Lola's 10th birthday.

This is one of my favorite pictures ever taken of my original "girls". Lola is on the left, Lily on the right. Lily was the most awesome dog to take photos of. I could say "Lily, model!" and she would freeze frame and pose. Lola has always been impossible to take photos of. We have probably a hundred shots of Lily in this perfect stance and only one of Lola finally looking at the camera. I know it almost looks photoshoped, but I assure you - this was pure awesomeness when this shot happened. Oh I miss that little bugger, Lily, every day.

But enough sad stuff. It's Lola's 10th birthday and Ella's 6 month milestone. Let there be cake!

I whipped up my own recipe this morning - I made them a pineapple double layer cake with cream cheese frosting. Oh yes, these girls have the life. 

More pineapple - why not!

Polly has always been my kitchen apprentice. She is always (not so) patiently waiting in the wings for something to fall or the moment my back is turned to steal something

Here are Polly and Ella getting a little pre-tasting 

Lola saying "Mama! Polly's eating all my cake!!"

They loved the cake and gobbled it right up.

I then turned and caught Polly licking the frosting off the cake on the table while the two small girls were still eating. Such a bad dog! hahaha

Happy birthdays to my babies and happy St Patrick's day to everyone else! It's such a gorgeous day out, the girls are loving the "open door" policy that starts up once the weather turns each year.