Sunday, March 11, 2012


Mister and I decided to go on antiquing adventures yesterday afternoon for a couple hours. I was supposed to be looking for goodies for my shop, but seeing that I collect most of the things I sell in the shop. It's just like shopping for myself. With the exception of my lunchbox obsession. 

Yesterday's lunchbox find was Popeye. It's not that old, in terms of lunchboxes, it's circa 1980. But it was in pretty decent shape and was a really good price. I never really look for mint pieces. I love knowing that my lunchboxes were once loved by some little kid. Some of my favorites in my collection are the ones with the etching and stickers inside. One even has the teacher name written inside. The only mint one I have is "Annie" my parents bought it for me, it was never used and still has the original tags on it. Maybe some day soon I will take individual photos of each one and post them up. It would be crazy amounts of pictures, but would actually be cool to have my collection posted with pictures of each side of the boxes. Not all of my boxes have the thermos either. It's not a big deal to me if they do or not, just an added bonus. Once I get my room complete that will have them on display more than likely the thermos would just be left in each box anyway..we'll see!

Popeye marks number 25 for my collection.

The next find was a gorgeous set of bright vintage pyrex bowls. They are supposed to be for the shop..but I don't know! I'm in love with them and not sure if I want to part with them. They may just stay with me a while.

We then went to another shop that has a bunch of vendors. My parents actually have a booth there and I saw some things they had out and was envious! haha She actually had just sold an amazing chrome canister set. I was a little shocked she didn't ask me if I had wanted it. (for myself- not for me to sell) My parents have always been into antiques. They go for the high out, way out of my price range items though. Plus they have different styles. I like the mid-century modern pieces where their house is definitely more gorgeous, stunning antiques. The stuff when you go to the shops and think wow, that is amazing. You appreciate it, but it may just not be your style..yeah thats the stuff they have. They always are changing up their style though. So when she goes through a shift - or just wants to clean some things out, they are taking them to sell. Also my dad refinishes out antique trucks. They come out amazing. So they have some of those there as well.. (sorry for the side rant) ok on to my additional finds!

These have to be the cutest set of tuperware stacking tumblers I've ever seen. I am in love with these as well. I will put them in my shop..but lets just say if they don't sell I will not be heartbroken. I wonder if they made a pitcher for them. They immediately made me crave summer, sticky hot days and lemonade.

My last find was this awesome MCM tea kettle. This will be going into the shop as well. It's in really good shape and very clean inside. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it.

Alright, I'm off to have some lunch and then do a shop update. I also have some other vintage pyrex bowls to list in my shop. The harvest series so check my shop later tonight for the updates.

Hope everyone is having a happy "spring ahead" day. It is gorgeous outside today, the girls are loving it. My kitchen floor however is not. This week is going to be deemed "The week of mud" I think!

Have a fantastic remainder of your day!