Saturday, March 10, 2012

miss ella bella

little miss ella is almost six months, i can not believe how fast these last couple months have gone and how big she has gotten. when people ask me how she's doing i always joke how huge she is now.. all seven pounds of her.
She absolutely loves the snow, which we got a little of overnight. here she is, action shot ella.

her six month birthday is st patricks day, and miss lola's 10th birthday is on st patricks day. so awesome that they share "1/2" birthdays. i will have to make them a special cake.
i'm sure most, if not all, of you don't know that i actually used to have my own dog business. It was called Bill Pickles Dog Co. I made different flavored, all natural dog treats, collars, leashes and bedding. It was a lot of fun. but i think i just grew frustrated of sinking so much money into it and not getting much return. i do miss it at times, but it was a lot of work. especially because i was working 60+ hours a week at my "day job" and was also back in school part time! 
maybe sometime i'll make a dedicated post to my Bill Pickles days and share our packaging and photos. that was one thing i can say, i had amazing packaging and a great product!

hope everyone is having a nice weekend. we are having a relaxing morning and this afternoon going antiquing for a little bit.