Saturday, March 03, 2012

Omerica Plugs

My Omerica plugs came today! It's so funny because I look at them and think how small they look and I have the urge to stretch again. Actually I've been wanting to stretch again for a while, but I am really worried that my right ear lobe won't make another stretch. It is getting pretty thin because I was bad in the past and used weights to make some jumps instead of doing it the correct way. So now I am paying the price..

No wise cracks about how teeny my ears actually are. Yes, I have unusually teeny ears. But they both work just fine! In fact my right ear has even survived a PVC pole attack when I was a kid! That's a story for another time - but my right ear is smushed on the top because of having to have lots-o-stitches to put it back together! Let's just say it was "tv tag" (member that game?!) gone very, very wrong!

It is so beautiful outside today, but just extremely crazy windy! I've been so antsy and have been on a cleaning spree all morning. I think maybe it's time to sit and relax and crochet for a little bit..

I leave you with a silly face picture. Half kissy face, half fish face! haha my bangs are all crazy from just coming in from trying to take some failed pictures outside - I think all of the pictures had my hair swirling around my head (hence now it being put up)

Yay for new plugs! But gosh they look so small looking at these pictures! (If you are wondering they are 22mm. or 7/8" for you folks that go by inches in your stretching). Looking at these pictures also makes me really want to order new glasses. I have had Warby Parker send me countless pairs to try on over the past almost 2 years! This is where my failed decision making skills come into play!

Oh! and If you order from Omerica (I highly suggest you do as these plugs are amazing and comfortable!!)- use my rep code and you will get 20% off your order. Rep code "vera-20"

Happy weekend!