Friday, March 23, 2012


My husband found this great inspiration for our kitchen when we get to renovating it. We both don't like the traditional kitchen. You know cabinets and cookie cutter, "this is what a kitchen is supposed to look like".  This is what we want. We actually aren't even going to have a fridge either. We are going to have a small pantry that will house a small fridge and all of our dry foods. I think it will be amazing. I only wish this could be my kitchen. It is so spectacular in every little detail.

Speaking of non traditional. I also really liked this. I am picturing all the fun things those bins could hold.

Some day I want to travel so much that all you see are push pins. How amazing this map would look pretty boring right now if I did this though. I remember having done this when I was in high school and it looked pretty sad.

I wasn't sure if I was going to share this yet, but hey why not. We are renovating a Victorian. (haha that's not the secret) this spring we need to fix the roof and exterior of the home (along with everything else!) So we talked about colors and talked about what will be best. Should we be doing the 10 million different colors that every Victorian has. Neither of us really like how that looks. A couple colors at most. Then we just said.. what about a black house? A totally black house. Our house has these fabulous golden brick arches. We will keep those and not paint the bricks...but the rest of the house -  completely black. Today I found this..I think I found our door color...

I feel a little overwhelmed for this coming weekend and everything I need to complete. 
  • work 4 hours of OT tomorrow morning
  • give Lola a haircut and bath
  • work on and hopefully complete a baby blanket that I sold today from my shop
  • do TAXES!! i keep putting it off. i don't know why. i'm usually such a nerd and have these done by now UGH! first year ever that I owe in! I was counting on money back to help with our house projects - now i actually have to take money away from my bonus from work to pay for this crap. CRAPOLA. i guess that is why i was putting off not doing them!
  • set up my studio - i need to go get my hoses to hook up my torch, then set everything up -which will mean drilling out a hole in the floor or wall to the propane tank that needs to stay outside the studio
  • work on cleaning and clearing the front yard and side garden to get it prepped for planting soon
  • clean the house
  • work on the blog- i need to make some buttons to give out to a couple new blogging friends
  • work on my "what i watch" segment
okay - i've probably missed some things but this is all i could think of off the top of my head. lots to do in 2 short days! wish me luck - i'll probably come back and cross things off as i complete them just so i can keep track of what needs to still be done! haha

have a great weekend everyone!