Wednesday, March 14, 2012

current projects..

I've started working on a new blanket..this time a full size human blanket as opposed to my blankets for miniature humans (ie.the term I use - most use the term "baby" haha)

So I began working pretty blindly as to what I was going to do for a color pattern. Now I'm at the crossroads of how to go forward..

I need to make one more row of grey, and then decide what to do.  I've figured that it is currently 53" wide and I have been reading up that most afghan/throw blankets are 50x70. What I have done right now, will measure 11.5" for this "pattern", so I would be doing up 6 of these groups. I could..

a. repeat the pattern to the end in the same colorway 
b. have this pattern, then solid grey for the entire center, then this pattern again to finish it
c. repeat the same pattern but with using different colors (in place of the orange/blue/mint) 

Ella was helping me decide as she longingly looked out the window. I doubled it up so I could see what it would look like if it repeated. 

I honestly am on the fence (yes, yes I have a history of not being able to make decisions) but I am  not entirely sold on repeating this stripe for the whole blanket. Then I am worried if I do different colors if it would look odd. My thoughts on different colors would give it a granny square type of feel by having multiple colors combined. I think if I just do the grey in the may be too boring..
I guess I am leaning toward the different color repeating might be cool..or it could come out horrendously ugly! 

Oi! Me and decisions I swear!

Any suggestions?

(ps. don't forget you have one more day to enter to win yourself a miniature human ie. baby blanket!)