Thursday, March 29, 2012

hi all, you will be noticing some very distinct changes coming to my blog over the next few days and weeks. it's strange in a very short period of time blogging i have started to get my footing on where i what to be and what means a lot to me and what i want to share with you all.

many things will stay the same but there will be some new things thrown in which will include..

* my glass work and features on my studio and what im currently working on
*gardening and buying local whenever possible - these things mean a lot to me and i hope you all will enjoy my weekly adventures to our local farmers market as well as my weekly, if not daily adventures of picking veggies out of my own front yard garden
*garden make over - our gardens were already something that my husband and myself infamous in my town - we are known as "the couple with the amazing gardens" this year we are going to be adding veggies to the mix of the front yard (currently they were on the side mixed in with the herb garden. i promise- you will not be disappointed if you love gardens - and garden inspiration
*home renovations - we own a Victorian built in the 1870's we have been slaving over it for many years and have probably many more years ahead of us. i am excited for this feature- i've already created floor plan layouts and you will get a first hand look at the craziness i am living in..

so with this i felt it necessary to also update the look of the site - make it feel really "me" - so you will have it - me uncensored - just what everyone wants, right?!

i hope you all are as excited as i am - again, the physical changes to the blog will be coming over the next few weeks and then the new content will be soon following..

hope everyone is having a great week..yay for it being friday tomorrow already! 

this weekend we are doing the final steps in set up for my studio - so yeah, i am super excited to start playing with glass!!!!


here are a few pictures of our front yard - these are actually from 2 years ago - the first year of this big change. the pictures i have from last year it's hard to see the walkways and such. more flowers were added last year - plus things grew in more.. yes we are insane for wanting to switch this up again - this took us FOREVER to do..

here is the entryway into the side garden - the flowering thyme is so amazing and has totally taken over - it is super soft and awesome to walk on barefoot..

then here is the side garden..another HUGE project that took us a very very long time! you cant see but it still goes on and on back there haha - there are two more rows of beds back there - one was a really long one that runs basically in front of our back yard fence that had lots of tomatoes. Our backyard had a 6 foot fence around it - i'll show pictures of it once i start getting everything together regarding my house and the renos..

just a little taste so that you realize that i really am the crazy garden lady!