Friday, March 02, 2012


This week has seemed to fly by. I could not believe it was already friday when I woke up this morning. I have been crocheting like crazy and finished another baby blanket last night..and will be starting another tonight. I was going to be starting on a adult throw blanket, but I found perfect colors and want to whip up one one baby blanket for my shop this weekend. Then will decide on colors for the adult blanket. Any suggestions, or color combinations you may like to see? I would like to design one that is vintage inspired colors. I absolutely love Design Seeds website with color pallets. I may take this inspiration for my first adult throw..

I absolutely loved this picture when a friend posted it on Pinterest.  I would love this to be my front door, especially with a happy smiling puppy waiting for me to come home!

My mister's family has some of the coolest bonsai trees I've seen. There is apparently an amazing bonsai shop out near their house (they live close to Boston) that they have told me they will some day take me to while we are out there visiting. I would love to have one for my house.Well today, I saw this. This is insane! I showed my husband and exclaimed, "Is this real?!" You should see some of them! Check out the link.

I've been craving cake all week...

I've been having a very bad spell with Modcloth dresses lately. It seems like every order has been sent back - either I didn't like the fabric, the way it looked on me, or they plain just didn't fit. Every time I say I should just give up..I find another dress that I love..

I hope everyone has a great weekend!