Sunday, March 11, 2012

11 random things..

I know I'm a few weeks late, I was debating on doing this "meme" or not. It brings me back to livejournal days when these would circle around my group of friends. It was so funny to see how many blogs I read seem to be interconnected and how many people did this. It's also a fun way to learn some random facts about the person behind the blog..some things we may have never thought to here it is .. my 11 things. 

The "technical" rules for this survey thingy are:
1. Post these rules.
2. Answer the questions set for you in the original post.
3. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.

So here you go, 11 random things about me!

  1. I've worn glasses since I was in the first grade. Everyone else in my family had/has perfect eyesight. When I was in high school I went through a phase of not wanting to wear my glasses  so I would "forget them" at home but then pay the price because I seriously could not see the board to take notes. Good thing I was just a smart girl and still graduated in the top 10% of my glass! After high school, I realized how dumb I was and grew to love wearing glasses. I then started a collection of 50's cat eye frames and would get my new prescriptions put in a different pair every couple years. I believe I have somewhere in the range of 25+ cat eye frames and am always on the hunt for "new" ones. My eyesight now seems to get worse, sometimes it feels by the day. My vision has gotten so bad that the best they can get my eyes corrected to is 20/40. When my glasses are off you could be standing 5 feet in front of me and I wouldn't be able to see you. I can only make out extremely fuzzy shapes. (Good thing I have my mister who has disgusting vision of 20/10 - basically his vision is SO good he could be a pilot)
  2.  I don't do well in large group settings. I am a very shy person until I get to know someone and then I will open up. I actually get anxiety if too many people are around me. I was the child growing up that hid behind my mother's pant legs, holding on and peeking around her leg.
  3. I am afraid of needles. Looking at me you would think that was a sarcastic comment. But it's true. When I have to have blood drawn I almost have a full on panic attack. When the nurses look at me and say, "Oh honey, but look at you!?" I shake my head and feel faint. My response to them is that I got something left in return for the pain when those needles went in! I have actually taken out the majority of my piercings over the years. All I have left are my 22mm plugs, both tragus and my septum. Not many people are aware that I still have my septum done because I haven't worn actual jewelry in it in over 10 years, but I still have my retainer in. Something in me will not let myself take it out. I said the same thing about a few other piercings that I took out over the years, "I can't imagine ever taking this out.." But i have. I had a 4g in my tongue for about 12 years. That one was a very strange feeling to let go. But I did. So I guess it's never say never. BUT, I will never take out my plugs. Those are with me til the end.
  4. I love tattoos, but only have one small one (a star) on the back of my neck that I actually always forget I even have. Over the years I have come up with some amazing designs and things I want. I just haven't actually gone and committed to anything. I have bookmarked an amazingly gorgeous Asian back piece that I have wanted since I was about 22. When my husband got his first tattoo (his entire back!) I almost had my elbows done. I was going to get sailor stars on both elbows but the tattoo artist actually refused to do them! (see number #5 for the reason why) I'm actually glad, because it's not something that I would want now. But what I do want are two sailor sparrows on my chest. This is one I have wanted for years. I gauge a "keeper" tattoo if I still want it in 5 years from when I thought about getting it. I have wanted this one for well over 5 years, so I think it would be a safe bet to get. I also want to get two Indonesian shadow puppets on my forearms. One for good, one for evil on either arm. I want them to be very faint, lacy and delicate. This is another one I have wanted for years. Lastly I wanted to start a framed art wall somewhere on my body..still trying to figure out where. But I want each of my girls (including Lily who has passed away) in antique, gold gaudy frames. Then I want each of them (semi-cartoonish) in the frame wearing Victorian clothing. I would love this, so it needs to be somewhere that I can look each day at them (so not on my back)
  5. I have the pointiest, deadliest elbows on earth. I think it is a known fact. If you were to look up pointy elbows - a picture of my elbows would appear. They are my weapons. So don't cross me. (Literally, this is the reason I was given from the tattoo artist when I went to get my stars - "No way, those are some CRAZY-ASS elbows!!")
  6. I am straight-edge and don't drink or do any sort of smoking or drugs (do people still say they are sXe? i feel so old sometimes and don't keep up on the "lingo" haha). I unfortunately had a very short period of time when I did drink when I was 21 or 22? but it didn't last long. I can not stand the taste of alcohol or how people act when they drink. I am also allergic to smoke. I have never tried any sort of drug and never will. I even have a hard time and don't like to take prescriptions unless they are absolutely necessary. I also don't drink anything with caffeine and haven't since I was in high school, maybe even younger. I normally drink water. Lots of water. For a special treat, I will have some lemonade or sometimes splurge and get Boylans Black Cherry, Rootbeer or Purple soda. It's made with pure cane sugar and they sure are yummy!
  7.  When I was little I was playing tv tag (anyone remember that game?!) and the neighbor boy came over dragging behind him a very large pvc pipe. He started chasing myself and my friend and then started throwing the pipe at us when we ran. I was a very, very tiny child. I was probably about 4 foot tall and maybe 50 pounds at this time? Well, we were playing and he decided to then take the pipe. Pick it up and over his head and crack me on the side of the head with it. I remember wearing my favorite tee-shirt that day. It was from our vacation in Florida and had a cartoon orange on it. I remember standing there and yelling at him. Telling him that he was not nice for doing that. My friend then looked like she was going to pass out and kept tugging on my arm. She pointed to my shoulder wear blood was pooling and I took off running. I remember first running into the bathroom and climbing into the sink. (Ok this may sound odd- but again I was super tiny and a gymnast - I used to lift myself up onto the counters and sit inside the sink to look in the mirror!) When I saw myself - the top of my right ear was detached and pretty gross and bloody (without getting into too much detail!) I then ran screaming trying to find my mother. She was on the phone and was about to yell at me (I'm sure!) when she turned and saw me covered in blood. We had to go to the ER and I had 7 stitches to fix it. I didn't cry but my best friend did. We both got lollipops. Then I realized they had just ruined my brand new white Swatch-watch because of the bactene. It had run onto my arm when I was laying down getting my stitches. It stained my watch and I can recall driving home and being so upset and crying. Not about my ear. But because my new watch had gotten ruined. My mom must have felt really bad so within the next week I got a new watch. So now I have a funny ear. I already have super tiny ears. But now the cartilage is smushed and stupid looking in my right ear.
  8. I am a super fussy eater. I will pout and probably stamp my feet and shut my mouth tight if someone is trying to make me eat something I don't want to eat. Since being with my husband I have gotten a little better and have tried foods I never thought I would eat, let alone like (ex. asparagus) But I still am set in my ways and will normally make a face at foods I don't know. 
  9. Speaking of "faces" I apparently am a professional face maker. I have been told that people sometimes just watch me to see what my facial reaction is to different things and situations. I never knew I was so many people's entertainment. But I guess there are worse things right?! I've always been very expressionistic, and you can also read everything about me on my face. 
  10. I am a self-taught everything. When I want to learn something new, I teach myself. I have taught myself how to knit, sew, crochet, bake (well this isn't entirely true- I used to help my gramma when I was small) I love working with my hands and creating. I am never afraid to try something new in this regard.
  11. Growing up I couldn't wait to move to a city. After college I lived in many large cities. Austin, TX, Boston, MA, Baltimore, MD, Washington DC, Pittsburgh, PA.. but now that I have gotten older I dream of living in a small house in the woods. K and I talk all the time about building a small modern home in the woods and each of us would have our own studio buildings. HIm for his custom motorcycle building and mine would be for glass work. We currently live in a large Victorian home and only use about 1/4 to 1/2 of the floorplan while its under renovations. WE don't need a lot of area to live. I don't understand people and wanting their "McMansions" and cookie cutter homes. It was never a dream of mine to grow up and live in a cul-de-sac where you could potentially pull into the wrong driveway thinking you were home. No character, no craftsmanship, no imagination. My crazy house might have a lot of flaws, but at least it have character!

11 questions:
1. If money, schooling or time was no obstacle, what career would you choose?

A hard question because I always have business ideas. But currently I have 2 really good ones that I would love doing each day.
1. a vintage shop with a small bakery and bookshop. The bakery and bookshop portion would just be small. The books wouldn't be for sale, they would be "for trade" So that you would have something to look through and read while enjoying your drinks and desserts. If there was a book you wanted to take home, you would just need to replace it with another book. The vintage shop would be (of course) MCM- furniture, decor and clothing and accessories. It wouldn't be a huge shop- just very cozy. The bakery would also be small and consist of more rustic desserts - things like crumbles, pies and cupcakes. Nothing fancy-dancy.
2. a whoopie pie truck. but this would not work where i currently live. this would be if we ever move back to a larger city (it could happen we have been talking about moving out to California or Colorado) I already have the name and business plan. I have all my own recipes - I think it would be amazing...

2. What’s the one thing you look forward to every day?
Seeing my girls and my mister. It sounds corny and quaint. But I don't know what I would do without them

3. What is your number one, all-time, favorite blog?
I like different blogs for different reasons. One of my favorites though is The Art of Doing Stuff. I think if I lived near her, we'd be friends. She isn't afraid to get her hands dirty and create. I really respect her and admire her for just going and "doing". There are things that I say, I "need" my mister to lift and do for me. But since reading her blog I really try to do everything on my own. Which is why I did the sheetrocking and mudding on my own in my studio (he did help me lift the super big sheets and hung the ceiling though- i do know some limits!). It was a lot of fun and I felt a since of pride when I was done. 

4. Biggest online pet peeve?
I don't think I really have one. I have not experienced anything negative since I started and haven't seen any negativity on any of the blogs I read. I think that people can be very catty and jealous. Some people don't know how to express themselves correctly and may leave nasty quips. But I seem to see that more on forums than blogs I read. 

5. What is your all-time favorite book?
I have been really bad and haven't sat down and read a book in a long time. Something I should probably work on. But I always loved Catcher In the Rye. I hope that isn't a cliche response. It's just one of those books that has always stuck with me and one I could read over and over again.

6. What would your “last meal” be?
This is tough. Like I said I am super fussy and not a "foodie" If I didn't have to ever eat it would make me happy. But lets see. I'm going to say "stringy meat" from my local Amish farmer (I don't know what this is officially called- but since I was a kid thats what I called it. I even once went and asked a butcher if they had "stringy meat" and made a motion with my hands - I am a crazy "hand-talker" as well- he looked at me like I was insane!), mashed potatoes (mister makes them perfect with a ricer), corn on the cob (veggies would need to be from local farms) and for dessert - my own apple pie ala mode.

7. Do you believe in love at first sight?
No. You might think someone is attractive and might feel a strong, immediate connection with someone. But I wouldn't say that is true love. Love is extremely powerful. 

8. What would your ideal Sunday morning consist of?
My typical Sunday consists of me waking up super early so that I can go grocery shopping and begin my errands for the day (see above- regarding my anxieties of being around a lot of people, I need to go shopping at 7-8am to avoid crowds) I've never been one that sleeps in and sits around. I always like being busy with a project. So even on days where we don't have plans- after doing the above- I'll come home and work on whatever current project I'm working on. The only thing that beats that is going on adventures with my mister or taking the girls on walking adventures in the sand plains.

9. Why do you blog?
I actually recently started. I used to have a Livejournal account many moons ago. When I started reading some of the blogs that I read daily I felt like I had a lot of things in common with them. I also feel like blogging lets you be creative and meet an audience you never knew existed. While I'm new to blogging I hope the people that read my blog enjoy it. I also love getting comments and the interaction that is there.

10. If you had to choose one color to wear forever, what would you pick?
I tend to wear a lot of autumnish colors. I like burgandy's, navy's, and greys..I think it would be very odd to wear one color and be this monotone person walking around. I once saw a lady wearing all purple. It was extremely odd.

11. What is your all-time favorite band?
Promise Ring. I still want to marry Davey.

If you want to do this, go ahead! And link me to your post in the comments, so I can read your post! I won't make 11 new questions, mostly because I like the ones that were given.