Friday, March 16, 2012


I am a huge fan of anything vintage and minty, and when I saw this picture I was completely head over heals for its awesomeness. I would be in heaven if this was my collection and in my home.

Now that the weather is turning and we are starting to have warmer weather I am getting excited for the front yard overhaul we have in store. We already have insane flower gardens but we are going to also be adding in veggies to the mix and our side garden will now just be solely herbs - it pretty much was last year as we were late in planting. But I found this inspiration and am thinking about how I can incorporate these baskets into our outdoor living space. I'm actually thinking something like this may be really cool on the side of my glass studio, on the solid wall. Looks like a very simple structure to build..

Some of the best shoes and stockings ever..

My friend Celine Steen, takes the most amazing food photography. She was actually who took all the pictures for me when I had my dog company for my website. She is simply amazing. She has co-written a few vegan cookbooks as well. You need to go check her out and say hello!

Lastly..a little bit of tasty color inspiration

Hope everyone has a fantastic St Patrick's Day weekend. My girls share a half birthday tomorrow. Lola will be 10 and Ella will be 6 months. Cake will be had!