Friday, March 23, 2012

what the..hunger games?

Okay..I have to admit. I may be a little bit of a movie snob. K and I normally only watch foreign, independent or documentaries. (Don't judge me!) We just don't like all the Hollywood crapfest that they are currently (or well probably within the last 20 years!) putting out. That's not to say there isn't one or two gems in the otherwise pile of crap they dish out each year. But, come on, seriously, you can ALWAYS figure out American "Hollywood" movies within 5 minutes of the opening credits. It's all about who is acting in them and either how much nakidness they show off or how many things they can blow up. Very sad state we are in currently. My other favorite (please note sarcasm). Hollywood "remaking" foreign films. Ummm, hello? If you want to see the film - READ subtitles and watch the originals. (okay, I'm coming of the soapbox now, maybe)

So anyway! 

I've been hearing about Hunger Games (just the title) for a couple weeks. You have to understand. I have not had cable for over two years. We don't even get the "basic" channels coming into the house. We solely watch Netflix streaming or dvds. That being said - I pretty much live in a bubble. I don't search out "entertainment news" and all that is going on in that regard. So yeah, back to this Hunger Games stuff. So I saw people posting about it a couple weeks ago. Just that people were excited to see it. Well, to be honest. I actually thought it was going to be some new reality show about eating (don't laugh at me, I know you are laughing at me!) I really did think it was going to be about like pie eating contests or that I might have actually watched had I had cable!

Imagine my surprise when I finally took the time to look it up the other day and see it was a new movie coming out. And not just a new movie - but it has NOTHING to do with competitive eating. What?! No blueberry pie smeared on the faces of contestants vying for a monetary prize?? I felt ripped off.  

So I sat there, my face in its "what the.." contortion, while watching the preview. I don't get it. It looks horrible. I couldn't even finish watching the preview because I grew so bored of it. It looks like every other big budget action flick. What am I missing? Am I really this much of a movie snob? 

I have probably created enemies writing this post. But it's just my opinion. Take it or leave it, I don't judge you if you want to watch this stuff. I just won't be watching it anytime in the near future..or well..ever..that doesn't mean we still can't be friends. I just won't go see a movie with you (haha)

So that brings me to the "what I watch" portion of my blog which I have sorely been forgetting to update. This weekend I am going to do an entire overhaul of it. I think it will be fun to rate movies on my own scale. Again, we may have completely different tastes in movies. So take the ratings for what they are worth to you. I'll come up with some 1-5 fun scale. You'll see it will be fun. Plus hey, it may open your eyes to movies you may have never thought about watching. Be warned though. Most will be wack-a-do movies you may have never heard of. But trust me, those are the movies you are missing out on. The hidden gems that go unnoticed are usually far superior, well, in my opinion anyway.

You think I may be biased because I used to be a film major? haha NO, I am not "that film major" that used to quote every random foreign movie I've ever watched. And I don't make comments about this and that director. No, no, no. I watch a movie- I base on it ..well the movie. Not who's in it, not who directed it..just plain and simple - the movie.

Here's to "what I watch" and the hopes that I open some new doors for everyone currently reading.