Saturday, March 17, 2012

no love..

I just switched to a new commenting system, and when I did I lost all the lovely posts and comments people have left for me since starting my blog. 

If you no longer see your comment, that's what happened and I apologize. I definitely appreciate each and every one of you who comes to my blog each day and those that have taken their time to talk to me. 

But the new commenting system will be way better, and worth it in the end. 

Just wanted to let everyone know so that no one felt I intentionally went and deleted everyone's comments!

I hope everyone has a great St Patrick's Day! I wish I had this outfit for Lola to wear today! It is hysterical! It's her 10th birthday and Ella's 6 month milestone today. I need to get to the store and get some things, I think I'm going to make them a birthday cake.

Have a great weekend everyone!