Sunday, March 25, 2012

Free Sponsorship

Happy lazy day Sunday everyone. Today is a chilly, rainy day. Perfect for getting up to date on my blog and blog reading and then off to crochet and watch movies.

I wanted to offer again Free Sponsorship on my blog. I am starting to get a small readership base that has been growing more and more over the past month. I am now where near the top dogs in the land of blogging, but it's fun to see how many people viewed my blog each day. The first day that I hit over one hundred I yelled "MISTER!!! look it how many people!" hahah he just laughed at me. I know to many of you that may be peanuts, but to me thats a lot and I think its awesome that people are coming back daily or following my new posts.

Also, if you are into gardening you are definitely going to want to stick around. Within the next few weeks - and then all summer long will be lots of gardening photos. Farmer's Market time also starts up in about a month, so that means fresh foods and yummy recipes. We are so excited. Every Saturday is "Farmers Market day" We get up early go get our goodies - store them in our fun little vintage ice box and then go antiquing. 

So anyway!

Send me your buttons!!

veranellies (at) gmail (dot) com

125 x 125

Also if you get them to me this week - send me a little blurb and photo of yourself /blog/ shop and I will also feature you in the "Meet the sponsors" feature I am going to do next Sunday.

Come grow with me in world domination mwah-ha-ha